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Angle Grinder - WHO ELSE LIKES IT

Amazon clients gave it a 5 out of 5 from 5 audits. One analyst expresses, "Used to granulate rust off auto step rail (Ford pickup) and worked awesomely. Simple to control and lightweight." 

Another client stated, "These grinders essentially buckle down, and work extraordinarily for quite a while… utilize day by day in my shop, and they generally keep going quite a while and give a shocking measure of energy for their size. Each new person that lifts one up and utilizes one interestingly is shocked by the power in the little bundle." 

One client admits, "I'm not a contractual worker. I'm a DIY, home task kinda fellow. I needed an angle grinder for a couple of undertakings around the house… this thing is effective… I needed to expel some rust from a hatchet edge, so I tightened a wire wheel — it transformed into a 15-second employment to tidy up the rust. I needed to slice through a steel bar — I screwed on a cutting sharp edge. Slice through a 3/4 inch steel bar in under a moment"

Post by markfay (2017-09-16 07:04)

Tags: Angle Grinder

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