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We were searching for ice cream scoops with an edge sufficiently sharp to cut into exceptionally solidified ice cream. We searched for a decent shape in our scoop—implying that we'd get a nicely adjusted, minimal bundle of ice cream and that the ice cream would slide effortlessly out of the scooper. We took a gander at how ergonomic the scoops were: that they were so natural to hold and move. 

As we said above, ice cream scoops arrive in a wide cluster of plans. We took a gander at scoops with components for discharging the ice cream, similar to the little levers and crush handles in divide scoopers. We likewise attempted a scooper from Goodcook with a scoop that is separated in two sorts that fit out like a perplex. When you press the scissor-like handle, the pieces meet up, enabling you to scoop a chunk of ice cream. Discharge the scissor-like handle and the pieces break into pieces, discharging the ice cream. We likewise attempted another curiosity scoop called the Twister that has a sharp pointed end and a wound shape, with additional sharp edges. At long last, we attempted straightforward, exemplary scoops with no moving parts or curiosities. Altogether, we tried 12 assortments, by—you got it—scooping parcels and bunches of ice cream.

Post by markfay (2017-09-18 03:03)

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